Oleg Savosin

Back in 1979, I studied at the Moscow Higher Technical School. Bauman. And it taught us a harsh man looks large, despite its threatening appearance and slightly squinting eyes, it was a wonderful, kind and sympathetic person. Descriptive geometry taught in such a way that the most stupid studentsha 2 weeks was an excellent student in the subject. We did not immediately know who he is doing what is in the working hours. The boys and you all know it. His 6 years as there is no, but the meeting with fellow students, we always remember the legendary teacher.

The venue can not be changed


The venue can not be changed

Elusive Avengers

Elusive Avengers


One chance in a thousand

Savosin Oleg
December 21, 1927 - May 21, 2008, Moscow.

Veteran Russian stunt, one of the founders of the Association of stunt movie.
He played more than 100 bit parts in movies. Business Card - a murderer from the series "The venue can not be changed».
Oleg Savosin worked all his life drawing instructor at Bauman University. In parallel, he appeared in films. A professional athlete, he was at the forefront of the national cinema trick.
With 60 of the 90 years he has carried out several hundred plays tricks, most of which are performed by himself. In 1985, while filming the movie "Five minutes of terror", he made a bad jump off the roof and broke both legs. Since then, the oldest Russian stunt he ventured. But he has long established itself as a good typical actor.
To act in films began in 1965. Performing stunts in "Elusive Avengers", he appeared in the form of adjutant Burnash. But the most prominent role Savosina Tjagunov became a bandit who killed the old guard and his grandson in the television series "The venue can not be changed».
In 1952 he graduated from the GUI Lenin, the graphic arts department.
In 1953-1955 he taught painting and drawing at first in Moscow school number 126, then - a teacher at the Military Mechanical College. Since 1953 - assistant, and since 1970 - senior lecturer in graphics Higher Technical School named after Bauman. Since 1986 - in retirement.

Buried in the 90-m section of the cemetery in Moscow Vostryakovsky.

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