Surviving a heart attack, if you are ALONE

Meanwhile, all of the victims of heart attacks could help themselves. To do this, start to cough - many times and with great force. Every time before the cough, take a deep breath, a cough must be deep and prolonged, as if you spat phlegm from deep chest.
Breath and a cough must be repeated every 2 seconds without breaks and stops, until the arrival of medical help, or until such time as the heart starts beating again in a normal rhythm.
Deep breath allows oxygen to penetrate into the lungs and coughing movements "compress" the heart and make the blood circulate. This pressure on the heart also helps it to achieve its normal rhythm. Thus, victims of heart attacks get more time out to wait for the arrival of the doctors or get to the hospital. Tell that to the greatest number of people. It could save their lives!
Cardiologists say that if each of us to share this information with 10 people, at least one life could be saved.

Never assume that you are not prone to heart attacks if you are under 25 or 30 years. Today, because of changes in lifestyle heart attacks occur in people of all ages.
Tell your parents and friends about it. It could save a life!




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