Confessions / Confessions [Horror]

Production: Japan, 2010
Type: full-length, 106 min.
Genre: Drama, Horror
Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
* Takako Matsu
* Masaki Okada
* Yoshino Kimura
* Mana Ashida
* Kaoru Fujiwara
* Inowaki Kai
* Ayaka Miyoshi
* Hotaru Nomoto
* Naoya Shimizu
* Tsutomu Takahashi

Description: After the tragic death of his daughter Yuko Moriguchi teacher came into the class to spend his last, the most important lesson. After that her work at the school was completed. But that was only the beginning of her running a sophisticated plan of revenge. After her class - this is not a bunch of thirteen angelkov with typical problems of puberty, and a bunch of cold-blooded and brutal adolescent whose misdeeds due to childhood often go unpunished.


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