Circle Suicide / Suicide Circle [Horror]

Production: Japan
Genre: Horror
Duration: 99 min.
Director: Sion Sono
* Ryo Ishibashi
* Akaji Maro
* Masatoshi Nagase
* Hideo Sako and other

2001, Japan. Among adolescents is growing rapidly in popularity of the musical group «Desert». And then one day about fifty schoolgirls commit suicide by throwing himself under the wheels of a train on the Tokyo subway Shinjuku Station. This event is also a wave of suicides throughout Japan. The police are at a loss - at first glance, these cases are not linked. Soon after the police call a certain girl and points to a mysterious website, which may be the key to all events. Moreover, the inspector Kuroda, is investigating the case, calling some child and says that soon there will be another wave of suicides. Then there is something that no one expected ...


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