Inseparable / Alone [Horror]

Year: 2007
Country: Thailand
Genre: Drama, Horror
Duration: 01: 29: 39
Director: Bendzhong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom
Marsha Vattanapenich, Witte Vasukraypeysan, Retchanu Banchutvong, Hetayrat Ezhereff, Rutayrat Ezhereff, Nemo Tongkumnerd, Chutikan Vimuktananda, Chayakan Vimuktananda

Description: After the operation, the disengagement of Siamese twins, the sole survivor of the sisters, Pim, moved to Korea. However, due to severe illness of the mother, she is forced to return to Thailand, where it starts to chase the ghost of a dead sister. Sure, it's only a hallucination surrounding stubbornly refuse to believe Pim ...


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