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Hi, Habr!

During my habrazhizni I could write a history of smart hours , history of heart rate monitor , described the types of wearable devices in sports and medicine . And while he never did not use such wearable devices - on my hand most of his life was watch "Aviator."

I decided to remedy the situation by using the classic device for the first time demonstrated at CES 2012. Two years have passed, but it has not lost its relevance - and he has become an increasingly popular trend. This Basis B1 .

So many pieces of iron! And all for what would have to tear your ass from the chair.

I wonder how many man-hours spent in a sitting position, we were able to bring himself out of the same situation to go for a while?

Options h4> The gadget comes in a nice box with a cubic cover. On the box - the detailed characteristics of the device and information about its capabilities.

Watch cradle lie inside cardboard boxes. Under lodgment - USB-wire with a dock for the clock to be put on them to connect to your computer to charge or sync.

Also in the box is included warranty card and instruction manual, consisting of one leaf folded like an accordion. It is enough - because the fun is waiting for you on the site Basis.

Design h4> discreet design. I went for a test version with a black rubber strap. Belt pleasant to the touch and hard to unfasten the clasp. Even if you wish. But it is unlikely to fly off at the most inopportune moment.

On the front side - a monochrome display, is displayed in the standby time, battery level, and the included Bluetooth. Silver Touch button at the top left of the display is responsible for the backlight by pressing the bottom we can see the date and day of the week, two buttons on the right allow you to scroll through menus between pulse, calories burned, steps made and the time during which you have been active in the day.

A huge button on the right - to synchronize via Bluetooth.

Heart Rate Monitor h4> The pulse is measured by the standard method of radiographic wrist. "Catch" a ray photograph it and I did not have time.

Pulse is measured once per minute and slightly stretching the truth - in the smaller side.

Display h4> Monochrome LCD display diagonal of 1 inch is not very bright. Of course, it shows all the necessary information, but nothing more.

Highlighting weak, but can be switched on automatically - should raise their hand and turn the clock yourself. It is also responsible for the illumination of the left upper button on the front of the gadget.

The display shows most of the data collected, in addition to body temperature and information about your dream.

Battery h4> The device operates without recharging with Bluetooth turned on within three or four days, if you disable the synchronization time will increase to five or six days.

What do they know? h4> The main thing is what this gadget - to monitor the health of the host. Of course, the software shows all sorts of figures, graphs, other beautiful things, but these need to be able to use. The device can measure the pulse, take steps to understand when, how much you sleep and at what stage, and believe about the number of calories burned. The information is transmitted via the clock USB-Dock or via Bluetooth to a smartphone, where everything falls into the "cloud" for further calculations.

list of functions

Time and date. The device, oddly enough, can still display the time and date.
Pedometer. Gadget counts steps and is able to distinguish when you just walk, and when running. It turned out, I run, I very often - I did not notice.
heart rate monitor. to measure heart rate per minute - therefore not suitable for use in the hall. However, it is able to help you figure out how to change during the day and at what heart activity.
The calorie counter. B1 automatically based on your activity and entered data (height, weight, age) calculates in real time the amount of calories you've burned for the current day.
Sleep Tracker. The device calculates your dream as you sleep in a certain phase, you wake up at night, you got up to the toilet or to drink some water, and builds a graph based on the data collected.
The temperature of the body.
skin moisture.

The clock can not be set, it can be done only by means of synchronization. You can also choose 12 or 24 hour system.

Web Interface h4> First of all, for hours they need to be recharged using a wire with a dock that comes in the kit. While they will be charged - register on Registration will simplify the connection to Facebook. The web interface is intuitively clear, no problems with it should not be.

When you first use is to enter all the data - height, weight, age. This will correctly calculate calories.

Geymefikatsiya h4> Geymefikatsiya - perhaps the most interesting thing in this device and its software ... you add Habits - habits. The more points you accumulate, reaching their goals - for example, walking 10 000 steps a day - the more the habits you can add. Good incentive to burn more calories and improve overall activity.

Clocks should be worn at all times, otherwise the results will not be.

In the Web interface, you can view data collected per day.

By "permanent" I mean, even the night and sleep. It allows functionality to collect data about the dream and build a convenient schedule.

Unfortunately, the clock does not notify you of anything, it is necessary to use for this purpose smartphone. What is really missing - so it's an alarm clock.

Application for Android h4> Synchronization with the "cloud" is possible via Bluetooth. Приложение comfortable, allows you to view all the necessary information on the activity. Initial setup requires input such as weight, age and so on. But only if all this information you will not be entered in the register on the site.

Activity displayed in this form.

The list of available options. Your "habit" and the collected data is available and your smartphone.

Height, weight, other parameters can be entered from your smartphone. Useful if you watch your weight, and weighed periodically in the same gym - and then on the way to the house, you can forget the result.

It should be a responsible approach to the setting of parameters, otherwise the data will be less accurate.

Result h4> Unfortunately, the design of the device greatly disappoint. They look like a Chinese toy. The accuracy of calculations has some limitations: the pulse, for example, is measured only once per minute, and with a certain error. This error will increase in the event that the owner hours increased hairiness on the hands.

The app for Android and the web interface can recall only good words. Convenient services, allow you to find all the information for a particular day, look at the schedule of sleep, heart rate and activity.

The gym will be useless gadget, but in the "field" conditions make it tear a soft spot from the chair and walk more geymefikatsii due to a successful process.

If you are interested to test the Basis B1 in the real world, you can buy for 7990 rubles

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