Densen Uta / The Suicide Song [Horror]

Country: Japan
Genre: Horror
Running time: 128 minutes.
Director: Masato Harada
* Ryuhei Matsuda
* Araki Hirofumi - Yuichiro Manaka
* Yusuke Iseya
* Hiroshi Abe
* Yoshino Kimura
* Yuko Oshima
* YSayaka Akimoto

Description: Antzitene Natsuno, a student of high school for girls Seyyun, attracted by a strange melody comes into one of the classrooms of the school and becomes a witness to how her classmate Cana, singing a song, knife stabs himself in the neck. A few days later Antzitene meets Rick Nagase, a young journalist, interested in the suicide of her friend, who tells her the urban legend of the suicide song, singing that a person commits suicide. With no other clues, his friend Tait and several girlfriends Antzitene decide to sing this song.


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