Nine fox / Tale Of The Nine Tale Fox Gumiho [Horror]

Country: South Korea
Duration: 16 episodes
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Romance
Directed by: Hong Sung Duk
Directed by: Jin Hyung Wook
Written by: Hwang Sung Yun, Lee Kyung Mi
See-young lives as ordinary people: goes to work, fall in love, make friends, walks in the evenings. But in fact she Nine fox. Afternoon - an employee of the historical museum at night - a high-ranking woman warrior clan Nine foxes entrusted to maintain the delicate balance between humans and foxes. Ruthless predators, standing on the ladder of evolution a step above the people. They are not bloodthirsty and powerful, they are just like people - are different: good-hearted and cynical, desperate and selfish. Their little world is shaken when started to happen brutal serial killings. Bodies of the victims were gouged out - that is characteristic of murder for foxes. Detective Min Y - a mere mortal man - believed that the murders are related to organ trafficking. To find out the truth, he is introduced to the gang and goes out of it alive only because Xi Yong. He saw this nine-fox secret has been revealed. Is it possible to escape death? And why this Fox looks so familiar?


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