Scrambled nuclear species

Instruction is simple, the only difficulty to get a tablespoon of red cabbage juice.
All the rest is simple: eggs, butter, grater, tomatoes, ketchup and pan. Let's go ...

Get the most juice you like anyone, you can rub the grated cabbage and squeeze through cheesecloth

Further gently break the eggs in some capacity. Can not break the yolks. Since I have conceived such a thing, then everything must be perfect and aesthetically pleasing. The required number of eggs divide and separate the whites from the yolks.

In proteins add red cabbage juice at the rate of 1 tablespoon per whites of 2 eggs (if you overdo it with the juice, then it will affect the taste). Stir our nuclear mixture (But do not whisk !!!). braschaem attention to the strange chemical reaction: purple cabbage with yellow protein barely give vigorous color, in my case I was a bit too far with the juice and the color came out somewhere near the dark green and aquamarine (quality of photos terrible, nothing but the phone but the point is clear nebilo )))

Heat the pan, put the butter on it (possible options: spread, lard, etc. as you like). Pour our proteins (proteins and which call is scary), and spoon on top decompose yolks.

Fried egg fry who knows how. Do not forget to salt our unusual dish. For decoration is not suitable greens, but you can use a few drops of ketchup. Or anything else bright red or yellow.

Went further flight of fancy ...

With great precision spread on a plate

Bon appetit!


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