Rare photos of celebrities in his youth

Once they were just beginning their way, they were young and spontaneous, doing not what we would like, falling, rising again, and today their names are known all over the world. But the irrepressible energy of life, the desire to win, to remember and to change the world in the early years of glittering sparks in their young eyes. Jack Nicholson

Young Angelina Jolie with a guitar

Ozzy Osbourne

Leonardo DiCaprio

Young Marilyn Monroe

Salvador Dali in CadaquƩs, in 1930, he was 26 years

Group The Beatles in 1957: George Harrison 14 years, John Lennon 16 years and Paul McCartney's 15-year-old

Milla Jovovich at the age of 14 years

Leo Tolstoy, 1849, 21 years

Young Yuri Nikulin, 1930

Vladimir Putin

Future computer magnate Bill Gates

Young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Barack Obama with a shoal, 1980

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Young Kurt Cobain plays bass

Michael Jackson 14 years

Mick Jagger

Bill Murray

Brigitte Bardot

Stephen Hawking with his first wife



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