Dalnoboyschitsa the Urals

Publications on women dalnoboyschitsah always have a great response. Some men do not fit in the head, that the weak half of them literally comes on the heels. The reason is clear: in the past in the way lay through Dalnoboy killed wreck that had collected on its own to the last bolt. Long distance transport - the top of the profession. It took years and years to get in the trunk of the tractor.

Times are changing now hardly anyone is capable of such feats, and need-whether they are. In large transport companies do not require the driver to adjust the valve or bust compressor starter. To do this, there are a locksmith workshop and service. The ability to predict the situation is more valuable than capable hands. It should not be surprising that women driving bolsheruzov every year becomes more and more. Modern technology facilitates this, here's a recent example from one of the largest domestic carriers, the company Lorry.

Before Julia Sheshukova open all roads and hearts of male drivers.
- Julia, you're close to me to cuddle! - Shouted a man's voice in the radio.
- What are you, afraid of me ?! - Julia responds coyly.
Drivers with bated breath watch how fragile girl confidently park the truck with a long trailer on the parking lot. In Yekaterinburg Sheshukova Julia - the first woman dalnoboyschitsa. Behind the wheel, it is only 10 months, but has already managed to drive around half of Russia.
- In a way I feel a free man - says Julia. - It's kind of a special romance: See the city, to meet new people. The only problem - with the nomadic way of life is difficult to build a relationship.
Manage bolshegruzov she dreamed of since childhood had already pushed the cars and designer soft toys and dolls. However, parents do not lose hope that Julia finds a profession to women's professions. I went to study in the cutter - dropped. After reluctantly I graduated from college in the accountant and economist. But to work in the profession could not: it attracted a great way.
Secretly from his relatives received a license category C and E. But to find a job Long-driver was not easy: employers do not trust the fragile girl managing multi-ton machines.

- Sent out a resume to all transport companies, and one woman said to me, - says Julia. - I came for an interview - they took me to the head of the column. He says, "Let's see what happens!" Here we go.
Jobs truckers - not only turn the steering wheel, but also to remove the tent, follow the handling. Physical strength it is not always enough, but come to the aid of Julia, drove peasants. Otherwise it does not differ from them.
- Once lost, left in any field - says the girl. - Drive up two cars blocked the exit and began to complain, saying, I have them on the truck road smashed. Traffic cops have come for 60 km until you showed them documents - did not believe that this is my car! As a result, the belt fined 500 rubles.
Yulin mentor, team leader of the transport department, Sergei Yadryshnikov shows on your phone picture of the Eiffel Tower: a few days ago, he traveled to Paris on a truck, which is now managed by Julia.
- Go to Europe it is still not yet ready: they need to cross the border, to prepare additional documents, - says Sergey. - But I think that in a year it is to be on the shoulder! In Europe, many women dalnoboyschits, and in Russia can be counted on the fingers - not always a good working environment. But Julia on her car had nothing to fear, "- said Sergey Yadryshnikov, the foreman of the transport department of" Lorry "and mentor Julia Sheshukova.


Source: www.dalnoboi.org


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