Emotional photos that will satisfy

I present to you a collection of really powerful and emotional photographs that are impossible to forget. These frames can see a lot of emotions and feelings: the bitterness, joy, love, courage, struggle for life and many other peculiar to each of us. Monk shares a meal with a tiger. © Wojtek Kalka

The boy passed through a barbed wire fence with his grandparents in a camp for refugees of Kosovo.

Seventeen Jen Rose Kazmir gives a flower to a soldier during an anti-war protest at the Pentagon in 1967. © Marc Riboud

North Koreans waving his South Korean brother after the inter-Korean temporary family reunion. © AFP

The ten-year old girl from Yemen smiles after obtained a divorce from her husband adult. © Stephanie Sinclair

The three-week baby albino asleep, clinging to his cousin. © Patricia Willocq

Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Sterm reunited with his family after he was captured during the Vietnam War. © AP Photo / Sal Veder

A resident of Bali plays the bamboo flute to entertain a disabled child, whom he loved as a son, despite the fact that the boy was not his mother. © National Geographic

Surgeon after successful heart transplant surgery, which lasted 23 hours. In the corner of his assistant sleeping. © J. Steinfeld, National Geographic 1987

The patient not only survived, but also outlived his doctor, who died in 2009. © Super Express

Tanya Sane at the grave of her husband the day before their wedding anniversary October 16, 2013. © Manuel Balce Ceneta

The boy repeats the actions of adults during Friday prayers. © Vincent Kessler

Journalist flees across the bridge to save the child during the Civil War, 1936. © Horace Abrahams

Clara Grantt meets the body of her husband 60 years after he disappeared during the Korean War. © Andrew Renneisen

Protester plays the piano. In the background you can see the SWAT

A boy carries his dog through flood waters during a tropical storm in the Philippines in August 2013.

Brazilian protester under fire during a protest against police corruption and lawlessness.

Scars boy from Rwanda, liberated from the death camp.


Concerned people in the bus save a woman who tried to commit suicide, China.

Man protesting on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, 1989.

Violinist crying during the service for the victims of the September 11 Vancouver.

Child tribe Arbor, Ethiopia.

Students of the only school of classical ballet in Rwanda - it was the first ballet school after the genocide.

100 000 monks in prayer for peace in the world.

Irish teenager yelling at British soldiers during a riot in Northern Ireland.

Sergeant Frank Preytor brings up two weeks of a kitten in the midst of the Korean War.

Afghan girl holding the hand of an American soldier.

Astronaut Anna Fisher on the cover of Life magazine in 1985. She became the first mother in space.

Woman Mursi tribe for the first time reading a magazine «Vogue», Ethiopia.

Girls skeytbordistki in Tehran.

Firefighter rescues a six-year girl in Indiana.

Children living in the Arctic Circle. Taz peninsula.

Love makes us human. Girl from Guatemala hugging her cat.

Source: www.adme.ru


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