Hairstyle, costing one million dollars

Troy polamat, team player "Pitstsburg Steelers' decided to insure his hair to one million dollars. Troy said he did not cut his hair for over a decade, since compliance with the customs of his people from the island of Samoa. Now his hair reaches a length of about four inches. Footballer decided to take this step, because of constant injuries that he applied rivals. Often players of the team - the enemy of Troy grabbed by the hair, so in 2006, the poor man fell after he was grabbed by his hair. As a result, the football player was injured, and a fight broke out on the field between players.

Insurer hair polamat become one large London-based company. The British claim that during the season of the National Football League will be their client's hair in perfect order. If the same happens to them trouble, they undertake to pay Troy good compensation. Whatever it was, but a great risk insurers, this season promises to be no less hot than the previous ones. This means that the hair of Troy, as always, are at risk.


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