Albert Einstein (30 photos)

Today, Albert Einstein would have turned 135 years old. It was 135 years ago in the small German town of Ulm was born the greatest scientist of the 20th century. Biography of Albert Einstein you can read in Wikipedia, so I tell some interesting facts about this man. Einstein was mediocre at school, was expelled from the university (for academic failure), not merely disliked and hated science fiction, did not know how to write in English (despite the fact that he was a US citizen), could not stand sports, and any active activities. "When I come home from work, I do not want to do anything other than the work of the mind." - Said the great scientist. Albert Einstein was extremely messy and spoke about it this way: "When I was young, I learned that the big toe always ends with a hole in the toe, so I stopped wearing socks." There are many more interesting things to talk about him, but I suggest you look vintage photo of Albert Einstein.

kaifolog: We are not accidentally posted a photo of Einstein. In my opinion, Albert Einstein - the greatest genius of all time. Just think: he was an honorary doctor of 20 leading universities of the world, a member of many academies of science, including an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Einstein is the author of over 300 papers in physics, author of more than 150 books in the other sciences. During his life, he developed dozens of physical theories, many of which have changed the lives of mankind and found himself in many sciences. By the way, the Nobel Prize Albert Eystein received in 1922 for "an explanation of the laws of the photoelectric effect", and not for the theory of relativity. In recent years, the life of the great physicist worked on the creation of a "unified field theory". The meaning of this theory - a simple equation to describe the interaction of three fundamental forces: electromagnetic, gravitational, and nuclear. Opening plunged Albert Einstein in such a shock that he burned his last work. That's what was this great scholar and a man.

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