Every ten years, mankind needed World War

Every ten years, mankind needed World War. For ten years the person accumulates within itself so much rage, madness, insanity, that he needed to eruption.

While we do not transform himself human scenario, while we do not give a person a completely new program of life and existence, we can continue to talk about the world, but to continue to prepare for war. That is what we have been doing for thousands of years, talked about the world and created the war. And the absurdity is that even in the name of peace we fight: the greatest war were in the name of peace.

The past was absolutely devastating. With the same energy humanity could create a paradise on earth, and all that we have done - we instead have created hell. But the question is not whether to change the political ideology in the world, the question is not to teach people the brotherhood, because all this has been done, and it all fell through.

It is not good for something more profound. Man is split; the same people who talk about the world, are the cause of this degradation. They divided man into good and bad, lower and higher, the earthly and the divine, material and spiritual. They have created a crack in the human soul, and inside there is a constant war. All the people are fighting with themselves, and when they get bored, they start to fight with someone else.

That is why in times of war, people seem happier. Their faces shine with enthusiasm, their gait becomes dance. They tremble, because at least a few days they do not need to fight with them, they found a scapegoat - outside. This can be a fascist, it may be a communist, it can be a Muslim, it can be a Christian - no matter, but someone outside.

It is an escape from inner struggle; and in some very unhealthy ways it relaxes. But it is impossible to continue the war constantly, sooner or later the man is forced to come back inside. Policy creates a war outside, the priest makes the war inside. It is the oldest and worst conspiracy against humanity.

My vision - a holistic soul. The body is respected, not denied his love, appreciate, grateful for it. Matter is not denied, enjoy it, it is part of spiritual growth. No duality: there is a dialectic of growth. So we walk on two legs. So in the two wings of a bird. Matter and spirit, body and soul, the lower and higher - it's two wings.



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