Champions League Final in Moscow (12 photos)

On the eve of the Champions League final, which will be attended by two English teams - Manchester United and Chelsea in Moscow, opened the Festival of Champions. The match will be held today at the stadium "Luzhniki».

Football town on the Red Square.

Football field with this podium, a cinema, shops with souvenirs and other attractions in the heart of Moscow - to the final UEFA Champions League and the city authorities and made rasstaralis fans this football feast. It is a pleasure it was to walk there today.

The mausoleum was inaugurated today, but it did not turn to the body of the leader, and to tomorrow's finals the trophy - the European Cup. The glass pavilion, where the prize is set, you can take a picture.

On the football field can play anyone. Play ten minutes, four by four, with a comment, judge and even a real doctor who runs out on the field to the injured players.

When I approached the site, the four fans, "Manchester" played up the four of us. The match ended with the score 3: 1 in favor of mankuniantsev.

British fans photographed together with Russian.

A long line was to the point where it was possible to make a computer or a collage with the Cup ball in his hands.

The youth showed their abilities.

On Vasilyevsky Slope dabldeker I traveled with a large logo of The Sun, and pretty girls handing out the boxes with inscriptions «I`ma chelski», «I`ma redski» and the latest issue of the newspaper with a funny title.



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