On the run

Every time he saw in the sky flying geese, Shtirlits quietly to herself mother, stretched at attention and saluted ...

The biggest difference between channels - this is probably the weather.

In ancient Sparta weak and ugly boys threw off with all the girls.

And I here a birthday card presented. Such green, "100 Years of Benjamin Franklin» ...

I love the car with reserved seats. You walk down the aisle, quiet, only someone's heel gently tickle the face ...

Nothing is more uplifting in the office in the morning, as a couple of tablets of Viagra, thrown into a common pot of coffee.

Cockroaches together called master's house shoes gestapochkami

When neighbors evening hammering the wall, I mysteriously silent shaking torrents Rammstein.

Pig when she saw the yard BBQ, beginning to catch mice and bark at strangers.

Never avenge the meanest people. Just become happy. They do not survive.

Never say, "I was wrong", better say, "Wow, how interesting happened ...»

 - Dad, why do you think that if I was at a birthday party, then immediately
 - Daughter, I'm a mom.


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