How to kill a Toyota Land Cruiser

Dispute-armor missile is a lot of centuries (well, at first it was a spear or arrow-armor-armor). In our reality to that classic confrontation already added our traditional car-road.
And here, too, crept worthy contenders. For example, the symbols "indestructibility» Toyota Land Cruiser and our native means of communication. How many subtexts and hidden meanings of the confrontation! Indeed, on the one hand, the "cruisers" in the world - a sample of reliability and endurance. On the other - our native gullies, in theory, can any compacted.
And I must say, still ukatyvayut. Even more so. What happened to that 105-m "cruiser" is so unusual for a Japanese SUV that even comment uncomfortable. Such troubles in general are typical for Russian "classics" - production Togliatti masters from the first to the seventh inclusive model. Who like and are designed for such roads, but to go to them on the same road is not very safe.
So you can even think about a double impact on the Japanese SUV from Russian realities - and road conditions, and, if I may say so, podtseplennoy contagious sores from the same Russian technology. And against this slaughter tandem to fight extremely difficult.

What's the "Cruiser"! Here at the caterpillar tractor posletayut.


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