The habitable underwater laboratory Aquarius

Because of this issue, you'll learn how to a depth of over 18 meters, researchers live and work underwater laboratory Aquarius, the world's only manned underwater laboratory, which is located off the coast of Florida.

In this photo taken Nov. 15, 2010, divers approach the underwater laboratory Aquarius. The laboratory is a metal construction, firmly attached to the sea floor near a large coral reef, located a few kilometers from the island of Key Largo off the coast of Florida.

Preparations for entry into the laboratory "Aquarius" via a special gateway. The laboratory belongs to the federal agency within the Ministry of Trade of the USA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Scientists working in the laboratory, "watches" for 10 days, during which they live, eat, sleep in a room the size of a school bus. The "Aquarius" only six beds and one shower. From the outside world inhabitants laboratory connects wireless communication, in addition, there is a telephone and a computer.

Mark Hay, Sc.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, during his mission to "Aquarius". Its tasks are to develop methods to protect from extinction the majority of animal species inhabiting the reef. The emergence of the laboratory, "we are not just from time to time visit the reef, we can live right on it," says Mark.


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