On the run

-You, It turns out, the beer more than I?
No, the beer is cheaper. What do you

Unlike many of the men I am absolutely not against silicone breasts. But his wife said that he would kill me if I do them myself Essential.

New effective diet "Peacock"! You pop your ass peacock feathers. Photographed and say, 'If you do not get thin, we show this picture to all! »

Alexander Serov in the West known as Sasha Grey.

If you're offended, enjoy the magic rule of three P: understand, to forgive, to bury.

- Tell me, you do not have the gold plates encrusted with Swarovski crystals "We did not show off»?

One Raptor plate under the tongue, and the mosquitoes disappear. There are dinosaurs, butterflies, bears, gypsies.

Birds, who arrived for the winter from Russia to Turkey, drink, swear and prevent other birds to rest.

And you, too, are sometimes seen as insidious horrible woman? They are just waiting for you to get drunk, to wake up with you.

- Son, you will be no more acne!
- Hooray! Why Mom?
- Because no more room

- Dear Ian E. Banko! I ask you to put in documents initials after surnames ...

Milk infused herring cleans where "assets" lacks.


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