Cold Winter 2011

Winter completely come into its possession, bringing cold,
snowfalls and blizzards in many regions of the northern hemisphere.

1. Member of the traditional Christmas marathon in Omsk, where the temperature dropped to -30 degrees Celsius. (ALEXEY MALGAVKO / AFP / Getty IMages)

2. A young man during a blizzard in Philadelphia. (Matt Rourke / AP)

3. Customers in underwear standing in line at the store «Desigual» on the first day of sales in Barcelona. The company «Desigual» offered free clothes to buyers who come to the store in their underwear. (JOSEP LAGO / AFP / Getty Images)

4. Bulgarians are jumping into the icy water during the competition to find a cross in the lake in Sofia during a baptism. It is believed that the one who first finds the cross, which throws into the water priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church, will be healthy all year. (NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV / AFP / Getty Images)


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