Chocolate Exhibition in Hong Kong

Here is a small selection of "tasty" photos taken in Hong Kong today
at the "Chocolate World Heritage". The selection you see the chocolate sculptures
by famous Italian chocolatier Mirco Della Vecchia (Mirco Della Vecchia) and
is a miniature copy of the objects included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. Italian chocolatier Mirco Della Vecchia finalizing a copy of the Leaning Tower of white chocolate. (Bobby Yip / Reuters)

2. Mirko holds the record listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as he created the world's biggest chocolate statue. (Bobby Yip / Reuters)

3. Chocolate mini-replica of the British Stonehenge. (Bobby Yip / Reuters)

4. Chocolate copy of the famous Egyptian temple Abu Simbel rock-cut on the west bank of the Nile. (Bobby Yip / Reuters)

5. Visitors to the exhibition "Chocolate World Heritage" photographed against the backdrop of the work chocolatier-champion of Italy. (Bobby Yip / Reuters)

6. Chocolate copy of the Roman Colosseum. (Bobby Yip / Reuters)

7. At the exhibition you can buy products from chocolate. In the photo: a model presents a chocolate during the opening hours of the exhibition for the press. (Bobby Yip / Reuters)



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