Confuse both the summer

A friend once suggested: "And what if Lada VAZ-21053 to put your motor from the VAZ-21124 (dvenashka) valve 16 and the volume of 1600, since the injector will and even with brains, the more this engine PORSCHE lapped up with?" Well, I have long thought and thought, because a bunch of alterations and hemorrhoids, and in the summer want to go somewhere and forget about the repairs ... And that's what happened this !!!)))

First, we had fun before installing the motor))))

then restored this car ...

and away we go)))))

Fitting the engine seems to be successful)

of collectors


and that's what happened in the end (nothing special)))

After some races and testing + chipovka brain car ride became more faster acceleration times faster than the 2-2.5 Zhiguli motor home, new VAZ-21124 with the same engine that is why from the start without labor "does", maybe because of the rear-wheel drive ...
But still we have not stopped, and a friend suggested a special kind of thread the machine and rushed ....))))))))))

replacing crumpled and rough iron and preparation for painting

and then that's what happened ...)))

*** END OF STORY ***


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