Top Secret - Soviet biorobot

... The end of the 1950s and early 1960s while considerable progress in the field of scientific experiments around the world and in the USSR. In those years, we began a bold experiment Soviet scientists on animals. At Moscow University and the Academy of Sciences carried out a number of pioneering research. And in 1950, Russian scientist Vladimir Demihov surprised the world when transplanted a dog's head on another dog. Two-headed dog lived a month.

In the first period of the cold war had brought all the forces of Soviet science to create the perfect weapon. In 1958 he started a secret Soviet project to create a robot-cyborg. Scientific adviser was Nobel laureate W. Manuilov. The design of the robot with the exception of designers involved doctors and engineers. For experiments to confirm the safety of human proposed mice, rats and dogs. I am considering the option of experiments on monkeys, but the choice fell on the dogs, as they are more trainable and calmer than the monkey. Subsequently, the project was given the name "call" and lasted almost 10 years. But the decree of the Central Committee on January 4, 1969 the activities of the "Colli" has been discontinued, the information has become a secret ... & quot; In 1991, all the data on Poyekt "call" were declassified in 1991 ... all the information about the project «Kollie» was not the secret.


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