Ghost Army (4 photos)

In 1944, the year, the US military command was created a secret squad, officially known as the Special Forces 23, the central staff, and the people just Ghost Army (Army of Ghosts). It was not an easy squad - they were not with almost no weapons, but the terror of the German soldiers. Superman, you think? But no.

This detachment of 1,100 people consisted mainly of students of art academies, advertising agencies and other creative people. They used their ingenuity for tactical purposes.

At 23, armed detachments were inflatable tanks, aircraft, barracks, as well as sound equipment, which they used to deceive the enemy. These soldiers parachuted to the front, where they inflated their scenery and when the German air reconnaissance flying over stationed detachment, their eyes indulged stunning picture. Hundreds of tanks, cannons and guns, slowly but surely put forward in the direction of the German fortifications. When the pilots reported it to the ground, the German commanders could not believe it: how well - a few hours ago in a radius of several dozen kilometers there was no soul ?!

When the army of ghosts coming closer to the German fortifications, they staged spectacle. In the course were started up its powerful sound installations, from which came the rumble and roar of armored soldiers. Mad with terror the Germans, realizing that nowhere to go, did not even call for backup (they still have not managed to come to the rescue), but simply fled in panic.

After the victory of the alliance in 1945, the unit was disbanded, and all information about it - is strictly classified. Pentagon denies all the information about the force until 1996, when part of the archives were declassified.


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