An unusual friendship with daw

First wild Jackdaw stick to all the children of the school, and then attached to the 10-year-old Emmanuel Addams and now lives with him on a hand-birds accompanying wherever possible.

When Emmanuel Adams goes to school on his shoulder or in his hand sits wild crow, which he gave the name of Jack. And recently the bird settled with the boy in his house.

In December, one of the students of primary schools Sunderland began to complain about the daw, is chasing the children, once they leave the building. Local councils have to fork out for a device to scare away birds.

But then jackdaw imbued special love for one of the students - 10-year-old Emmanuel Adams. First bird, which the boy gave the name of Jack (but since the floor feathered really knows, sometimes called the Jackie), sat on his shoulder or in his hand and accompanied to school and back, and then grew bolder and now lives with him in the house, writes The Daily Mail. Emmanuel's mother contacted the Society for the Protection of Birds, to understand what to do with Jack - let go check on, or will let the boy live. A clear response has not been made.

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