The terms, which should be called everyday things

If every day we called a spade a spade, here's to you are: in the morning I get up from the bed, struggling with disaniey and paresthesia, then I go to the bathroom, from which come out with a slight rectal tenesmus. In the bathroom, I brush my lunula or just cut, if they become too long. While boiling kettle and a few will stand arms akimbo, looking at his finger Morton and polovlyu bit phosphenes. Do not you understand? Read inside, everything will become clear :)

White upper part of the nail, which is usually cut men and women paint over paint.


Points of Latin beeches i and j.

Twilight rays

Rays of sunlight, which make their way through the gaps between individual clouds.

Coupling (ferrule)

The metal rim, connecting with a pencil eraser.



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