Impenetrable shield for our country's special forces

Let's look in the continuation of the post in the unique development of Russian scientists for the special forces of our country, which was called simply and succinctly - "Fence" and its technical name is - bulletproof shield assault index 5th grade protection.

This powerful shield was 5-class degree of protection and can stop
bullets from the AKM, SVD, and even fragments of grenades, but it weighs, although many - 50 kilograms.
As you can see from the photo, he has a special corset with straps for attaching
fighter on the torso, and the panel is inserted into grooves in the corset.
Though this powerful shield and able to protect against virtually any weapon,
of which you have already read above about ergonomics and comfortable
use it to say, unfortunately, is not necessary.
Wear it on your own is almost impossible, and withdraw - and even more so.
Yeah, I do not even imagine how to move these special forces soldiers
50-pound shield, body armor, service weapon, patronage
and other combat equipment, which they hung from head to toe :)
In the meantime, we look further at this unique panel titled "FenceĀ».


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