Ammunition WWI

The main task of the commander is not only win, but also to keep its soldiers.
To do this, we come up with all sorts of means of protection against bullets and shrapnel.
Often, by the soldiers had to Geek out of hand tools. Simple, but effective.

French trench armor against bullets and shrapnel. 1915.

Sappenpanzer appeared on the Western Front in 1916. In June 1917, capturing several German bullet-proof vests, the Allies conducted a study. According to these documents, the German body armor can stop a bullet rifle at a distance of 500 meters, but its main purpose against shrapnel and debris. The vest can be hung on the back, so on his chest. The first samples collected were less severe than later, with an initial thickness of 2 to 3 mm. The material - silicon alloy steel and nickel.

Such here masochku commander and the driver wore British Mark I to protect the face from shrapnel.


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