Actors, famous thanks to one role

Let us remember the actors from the past that have become famous thanks to a successful role in the same film. See more pictures in the style of "then and now».

Claudia Wells - Jennifer Parker, "Back to the Future", 1985

In the first part of the movie "Back to the Future" Claudia Wells played the role of Jennifer Parker, Marty girl, with whom he had to go to 2015 to save it from serious problems of their future children. In her subsequent films he replaced Elisabeth Shue (mother Claudia was ill with cancer and for some time the actress interrupted careers). Subsequently, Wells participated in a couple of TV projects, but in 1986 tied to the acting profession, and began to work management in one of the shops Armani. In 2008, she started acting again. In 2014, to be released horror film "Full board" with her participation.

Al Leong - Uli, "Die Hard", 1988

Name Al Leong says little audience, although he saw many will remember his face. His life after the "Die Hard" is dedicated to the martial arts. He recently published a book titled "Eight lives Al'Ka Bong Leong».

Danny Lloyd - Danny Thorens, "The Shining", 1980

As a child, Danny was able to concentrate and work in the frame for a long time, for which he won a role in the cult film "The Shining." According to his crew, the boy had no idea what was in the movie horror. Later, Danny did not want to continue acting career and became a teacher.

Rowan Witt - a boy with a spoon, "The Matrix", 1999

In the movie "The Matrix" shows the character Neo Rowan trick with a bending spoon. Later, he was one of the four main contenders for the role of "Harry Potter." After school Rowan entered the conservatory (department of classical singing), which successfully ended. He then worked and continues to work in several musical projects. Witt's voice sounds, such as the soundtrack of the film "Moulin Rouge" and the animated film "Happy Feet 2».

Danny Cooksey - Tim, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", 1991

As a teenager, Danny Cooksey has played several roles, the most notable of which was the role of John Connor, a friend by the name of Tim in the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." Then his film career slowed down, but it turned out to be the voice of popular actor. He collected his own musical group, took part in a number of television projects as "voice-over" engaged in dubbing cartoons.

Carrie Henn - Newt, "Strangers" 1986

During his only role of Carrie wins Screen "Saturn" in the nomination "The best young actor or actress." She was only 10 years old. Today, Kerry does not have any relation to the movie, except for rare events dedicated to "Alien." She lives in Etvotore (CA), and worked as a schoolteacher.


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