Figures colleagues talk about what's going on in their head

Have you noticed that your peers always something to paint when they are bored? it is no accident;) Read more.


Informative information on how you can find out what is really on the minds of your colleagues at work, school or just your friends. For this you just need to pay attention to what your "experimental" automatically draws or simply "kalyakaet" during a boring meeting, in general - when he had nothing to do and he unconsciously draws something on paper. Read more, very interesting.


On paper, there were a doll, robot - your counterpart feels like a puppet at the negotiating table. If loomed proud profile - it is closed to dialogue. On the contrary say full face. This expression should be interpreted literally hero figure smiles - major and soul of your interlocutor.



If you see that a colleague at the meeting draws a flourish in different variations of his signature - he of himself outside himself. That is the most obsessed with the person. For the presentation of a long nurtured the project - excellent condition. But dialogue is not very.



Squares, triangles, etc. They say that most people focused on the problems discussed his thoughts in order, and he will certainly offer some solution. But the community, especially those related to each other in the form of Olympic rings, signaled that sitting at the negotiating table is not going through their involvement in the process and wants to join the work.



Then everything should be taken literally: hare appeared on the sheet - the author is unsure of his abilities, and maybe even desperate cowards. Bear - speaks of a quiet confidence. Tiger, and even bared - your counterpart is set up very, very aggressive.



Well, if the boom is looking up: the author of the picture all the attention, the maximum is set to communicate. Looking down - then he focuses on himself, to the left - it's all in the mind of the past, to the right - about the future.



Their outlines the person who wants to be a star of negotiations. He will seek by all means do not go unnoticed. How productive would be a desire - is another question.



When a person that is actively zaretushevyvaet on paper shades, it shows that he does not want to speak, masking their true intentions. Bring it to a sincere conversation will be so much harder than with a big push, he writes his kalyaki-Malaki.



At the head of the author of this figure - a full order. He still planned, calculated. And even if you are very strong desire to be hard to confuse him.


Chess board

Indicates that the person doubts the correctness of decisions that he is trying to organize their thoughts.
Pay him not only on the subject of the picture, but also on the technique of execution. Weak, thin lines will talk about the same human condition. Conversely, the more pressure - the more the author's drawing power. The more there is the angles - the more aggressive will be set up to draw. But the flowing lines of talk about the possibility of compromise.




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