Hungry trees on the streets of cities around the world

Biting trees? Do not tell me that you are! Nevertheless, these pictures prove that many of the green spaces have a huge appetite did not chew off ordinary household items. What exactly? Yeah whatever. For example, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, warning signs, fences and even tombstones! These photos will prove to you that the trees are happy to gobble up anything that gets in their way.

While most of these photos were taken in America, a certain number of them were made in other parts of the world, including in London, where starved British tree devouring the very center of the capital red mail box, which was located too close to its trunk.

1. Oh, what horror! - British sycamore slowly eats mailbox in West Kensington, London

2. starved: tree in America ate ate a bicycle, he needed to do a few decades

Many of these incredible pictures show how powerful, large trees just grow through things that careless owners left on their way, no matter how much these items large or small.

3. Murder on the road: Slowly but surely, this tree grows through this barrier.

4. twisted metal: Since the signs were simply attached to the tree, they slowly but surely were absorbed overgrown barrel.


6. Carnivorous trees: These trees have managed to bark through the bumper and wheel motorcycle.

Photos carnivorous trees became Internet sensation. Unbelievable, but this "takeover" of objects trees usually need about thirty years or more.

7. Before the death of hungry: This is the tombstone of the eighteenth century became part of the barrel "predatory" tree.


9. That is what it means to eat well: These powerful trees managed to swallow the tube and fence.

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