Collections Spring-Summer 2014 by promising beginners and designers

Today it's time to pay attention not only to the world-famous, popular brands, but really talented and beginners. Moreover, emerging designers will be considered not only those who produce their first collection, but also those who are unjustly long remained in the shadows and not recognized fashion industry. Today - prints, the aesthetics of street fashion and new technologies in the collections of fashion-business newcomers. It is time for young talents and pave the way to our hearts and wardrobe!


Frenchman Julien David for a long time worked in Ralph Lauren and Narciso Rodriguez, and now moved to Japan and founded his own brand. All the production is the same, so that in this case the quality of items of clothing from the brand just perfect.

Julien David admits that it is very inspiring street fashion. The starting material the designer takes elements from different subcultures and fashion trends stritstayla. As Julien loves to experiment with fabrics and textures, so in a way can be combined so different silk, Japanese denim, wool and cashmere.

The clothes of this brand there are real treasures, they dream of many fashion lovers. By the way, not only women but also men, because the men's collection and the brand has a lot of interesting.


Outfits from the brand worthy of the ball, and the wardrobe of these princesses. The famous Spanish fashion house, founded back in 1974, long remained in the shadows, but now back to the limelight. Dresses from DELPOZO back on top, and all thanks to the show in New York and the leadership of creative director Josep fonts.

The minimalist cut decorate 3D assembly and romantic decorations, rich finishes and chic, feminine prints. Pleases unusual colors: spectacular colors and shades, as if descended from the paintings of great masters.


A young American woman originally from Haiti really new to the world of fashion. It is time to show the world just two of their collections, and if the first was a promising, then the second, spring-summer 2014 fashion recognized as a masterpiece by critics literally.

Inspired by the nature of the images from the Azad breathe silence, peace and serenity. Designer completely abandoned sharp lines of color transitions, colors and angles, rounded all that is possible: voluminous sleeves, hems of skirts ... Rich, pure colors - blue, yellow, white, red - make the collection truly outstanding event of the season. Attract attention and unusual prints of insects and airy, feminine silhouettes and only the best fabrics.


The undisputed favorite among Ukrainian designers do not get tired to amaze us with their talent and ingenuity. With each new show Lilies Litkovskaya see how she develops and perfects his style. After the Ukrainian Fashion Week is a collection of the brand has been on everyone's lips. And no wonder, because the designer is well known for his sense of color and unique combinations of textures and cut in a single image.

In his clothes Lily actively uses not only the familiar material to the eye, but also the skin, something like foil and cellophane. A complex cut and concise color scheme only emphasize the contemporary elegance of its images.


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