How has the cost of living in Russia for 100 years

What is the cost of the king of the ruble in terms of the modern Russian money? How to earn and spend the average Russian one hundred years ago in today's money? How much cost during the reign of renting an apartment, a trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow or going to the movies? The following infographic answer these questions by comparing wages and prices in Russia in 2013 and 1913. Translated into today's Russian ruble residents hundred years ago, earning an average of about 20 550 rubles. And today 26 thousand. It is worth noting that a lot of the foods in the Russian Empire was worth much more expensive than today. This is due to technical progress, which has led to a significant reduction in agricultural production. The relative value of a significant portion of the services a hundred years ago, by contrast, was less to eat in the restaurant could be tighter for the amount that seychas.



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