The Russian army in 30 years

Moscow. Beginning in 2013, Russia plans to double the number of its intercontinental missiles. "The armed forces will receive new strategic and tactical missile systems", - declared Prime Minister Putin during the presentation of its annual report in the State Duma. Also planned purchase of helicopters in 1000, 600 combat aircraft, 100 warships, including 8 nuclear missile submarines. For this purpose, it allocated 22 trillion rubles. up to 2020

Fifth-generation fighter T-50 PAK FA - our response to the American "Raptor". At a height of 20 thous. M developing a supersonic speed of up to 2600 km / h without using the afterburner. Armed with a built-in guns, bombs and guided missiles, agile and invisible T-50 - the only aircraft in the world, capable of competing with overseas the F-22.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph". The Pentagon called him grumblers. Even if the target is at an altitude of 40-50 km above the earth - the system does not leave any chance anything that moves within a radius of 400 km. It can shoot down hypersonic aircraft, cruise missiles and even nuclear warheads. Each "Triumph" provides simultaneous firing 36 goals guided them to 72 missiles.

Operational-tactical missile complex "Iskander" - our main argument in a dispute with the US over the missile defense system in Eastern Evrope.Ot Kaliningrad to Warsaw, at an altitude of 50 km at a speed rocket flies of 2100 m / s. The distance between these two cities - 280 km, while the range of "Iskander" - 500 km.Raketa reach the goal 2 minutes 22 seconds.

T-90S tanks - the 46-ton armored fortress equipped with unconventional means of dynamic protection and stuffed with rocket and cannon armament. On rough terrain the tank for 12 seconds, accelerates to 32 km / h, but may increase the momentum up to 50 km / h. American "Abrams" has not kept pace with him. Tests have shown that a 2-minute T-90S will incapacitate 60% of the armored vehicles of the enemy at a range of 2500 m - it just does not have time to approach him.


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