Levitation in pictures - magic in the air

You can say that levitation is impossible, you can also say that the camera never lies. You can be wrong, and in fact, and in another, just look at these pictures.

Who said that people do not fly? Looking at these pictures, do not think so!

If you are a regular photographer, then maybe you have ever done photographs in which, when a happy coincidence, your object as if floating in the air. But there is a special unit of photos, which is intended to create the impression of levitation as inconspicuous as possible.

It all started with Philippe Halsman, but as long as it was made in 1984 Photo "Dali Atomikus" technology moved forward appeared digital photography and Photoshop. Yes, you may still need basic rope for objects, but now with the help of computer programs can take away what you do not need (eg stairs).


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