Furoshiki - Japanese technique wrap things

All people are different, most of my friends gives presents as it is, the maximum - in the normal deluxe package. But there are those who clearly spent a lot of time on the packaging, armed with shiny paper and bows hanging heap. When they give you a gift, you feel satisfaction, watching the 15 minutes you are fighting over its opening, and when you are exhausted crash, say that the package it is necessary to break up for good luck. :)

Sorry for the digression, I just wanted to say that even in such things people really do not like each other. But we launched also be packed completely different ways. After learning about the art of Japanese furoshiki, I was inspired by her aesthetics, elegance and philosophy. Art furoshiki bring diversity is not only a gift, but also in everyday life. And now we have it, certainly, to master!

Furoshiki - literally translated as "bath mat" and a square piece of cloth that was used to wrap and carry objects of all shapes and sizes.

In the old Japanese baths (furo) was made to walk in light cotton kimono that visitors brought with them from home. Bathers also brings special mat (shiki), which stood until undressed. Dressed in a "bath" Kimono, the visitor turns into his clothes mat, and after bath wrapped in a rug wet kimono to bring him home.

Thus, the bath mat has become a multi-functional bag. Easy folding and determining the strength of the steel in the approach to the choice of fabric for furoshiki. Thick fabric gave way to a more subtle and strong. Gradually, most of the furoshiki began to produce cotton fabric. Today furoshiki is made of cotton, silk and blended fabrics, with a side of 40-80 cm.


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