I had a spine, to the first year of uni!
Zosia nickname.

And was he pastayanny awry.

Once we have passed the competition for life safety and sport orienteering.
They were preceded by a series of lectures, so that they all happened.

Zosia morning has strangely led all the time to sniff and blinked as if wants to sneeze. (Stsuko power saving up)
I must say that we sat at the same desk (usually komchatke,
But the teacher decided we shta ahuenno spartivnye and hardy and place us in the front row right on against his faces (How bitter it is about this pozheleete !!!!))
In general, talking somewhere in the second half of the pair, the teacher enthusiastically tells us about the radiation, and then I look at Zosia and I understand that now
comes the real fucked up (here it is the crown of creation blia micro-roentgen),
seems to me of his plan was to head explode from excess sopley.No at Zosia something went wrong and he sneezed !!!
(All have seen the movie "Backdraft" so her current snot) His nose has released a speed of 1000 km / h, 1 kilogram of mucus at least.
(I must pay tribute to Zosia had a good response and it is the whole thing caught in the palm as a baseball player).
And now a scene from the movie with Clint Eastwood: Zosia sits in his hand the whole huinya, opposite the teacher (not just Ahuevshy, and with the face of a donkey wagon train bringing a nuclear bomb)
They are looking at each other, and are silent.
What do you think happens next "Nea not guessed! He does not throw it under a desk or in a scarf or even the teacher or me. »
In order not to disturb the peaceful environment in the classroom, Zosia Accepted decision to return to the place of the original Snot dislakatsii,
looked at his hand, he made a sound like "gee-gee" and is thus managing sucked by that and issued. I lay padstalom nervously twitching like epiletik laugh I could not.
Prepad Ahuel so that ten minutes left to smoke on the road kochaya head and chuckling. And zonok quickly soobravshis I dumped from uni.
Another couple I would not have survived.
The teacher did not consider past mistakes and left us in the front row.
Gone day! goes the exact same lecture only have about gases.
Then sluchaetsya terrible. In Zosia stops writing gel pen and he estestvenoo tries to blow into it and ...
Yes, it Owned! slimy monster on the loose once again, only now it bisects the rod from the handle sticking out of his mouth Zosia, I nachinaetsya hysteria,
but when Prepad povoravernul head to Zosia, I again ёbnulsya pad table. On the face of the teacher has been written (Blyat! I have not slept for hours tormented by nightmares about ozhivshuyu mucus, and then before the eyes of a cross between a Shar-Pei with a cyborg), he even shed a tear.
On INTO Zosia shrugged and again both on the track pulled everything back.

Never prepad not mended Zosia mask, with the wording "dick knows we can sneezes and zahlebnёtsya»

End of the story is this: the teacher took a vacation, I perisel to the end of the audience, because it was a chur great Stresa and Zosia won in competitions.




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