Presidential style

What are the heads of state of the world.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama in America is considered an icon of "relaxing" political style. Thanks to him, became fashionable shirt with the sleeves rolled up and no tie - so the US president appears on semi-formal occasions. In formal situations his personal dress code: single-breasted two-button jacket, long loose pants and a white shirt.

Ties Obama prefers apolitical blue tones (instead of almost mandatory for American politicians bright red). Promotes loyalty to national product and support their own producers, president of Chicago-based firm has costumes Hart Schaffner Marx, American Johnston & Murphy shoes and watches Jorg Gray.

David Cameron

British politicians, as well as the US, great patriots in the choice of clothing. Who finished in 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron is no exception. On formal occasions a British politician appears in the custom-made single-breasted two-button suits and shirts Richard James or Paul Smith.

Ties he prefers the English too - bright shades of blue or green. David Cameron chose to abandon all status accessories, so the clock is not as cufflinks. By the way, it is the only one of the leaders of the G8, to appear in public in clothing budget brands. Londoners do not rarely see him dressed in Marks & Spenser, Zara, Uniqlo and Gap.

Nicolas Sarkozy


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