How to get the mail

Looking at the picture may seem as if the man depicted on it, the mailbox is used as urns. In fact it is not so: on the bulbs, which a man drops into the slot, stuck all the brand - so, according to the law, and vegetables are sending must be delivered to the addressee. The man in the photo - Reginald Bray - "headache" English mail.

It all began in 1898 when Reginald caught the eye guide Royal Mail, which stated its readiness to deliver a package of any size, from bees to elephant. Bray took the slogan literally and over the next forty years, the English mail had the strength. He began with a greeting card. Under "To", he wrote: "In every house in LondonĀ»,

or pasted photos of a rock with a note: "The house is near this rockĀ»,

or the address indicated rebus.

It sends knitted envelopes

and postcards to two addresses that were redirected from one address to another forever. Naturally, not all the letters of the recipient, but the mail tried.

After cards joker switched to send. The mailbox went: bowler, turnips (cut to her address), the skull of a rabbit, a tube, a penny, biking and much more.

Bray properly pasted stamps on each thing. One day he mailed the dog, but what a surprise it was postmen when Reginald was at the post office with a receipt of payment and announced that he is sending. Postman had no choice, how to deliver the "package" to the specified address on it.

In addition to the postal service, Reginald Bray harassed and ordinary citizens. He sent letters to celebrities and ordinary people, requiring them to sign autographs. By the end of life collection Bray totaled 15,000 strokes. For a long time collector sought an autograph from Hitler, bombarding him with letters. In the end, from the German Chancellery came the answer: "The Fuhrer is very busy work, refrain from further emails to this address." We went thirties - Hitler was busy.



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