The largest mall in the world (25 photos)

Today, Dubai has opened the largest mall in the world! There is a skating rink and the biggest in the of Middle Ista and aquarium ... and close to the tallest building is ... well all the same But ... the opening was scheduled for the 30th of October. Then he threw today (4th November). Obviously we did not have time to due date, I believe, the last days of round the clock at all plowed, but not quite in time. In general, the feeling of incompleteness. Stick the tube in the parking lot, there are no signs on the roads around machinery operation almost around the perimeter, go indichanskie master builders in helmets and uniforms, so here it is a very-very mall in the world

And inside, it is beautiful, it really is huge ... now mastered only a small part of it ... where the aquarium and ice rink, well, I want to put photos ... both the mall and the photo photographed wildlife.
I think nothing so cute

2. rink

3. fotkal hurry ... not very good ... it is an aquarium and a diver swims in it



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