7 new wonders of the world, of created man

Humanity as TvortsaMy live in a world filled with lots of amazing things. And many of them are created by people experiencing a burning desire to beat Mother Nature herself. However, we are not talking about the sights. It's about ...

1. Super-Kamiokande: obviously, this structure was built prisheltsyDobro Welcome to the Super-Kamiokande, a huge underground reservoir of water, which was built in Japan to detect neutrinos. This sub-atomic particles which, in the opinion of physicists are constantly rushing through the universe. Since they do not interact with other matter, they simply pass through it: the neutrinos emitted by the Sun pass through the Earth right now while you're reading this.

The problem of detecting neutrinos is reduced to ensure that these particles do not interact with other substances. This rule has only one exception: water. When neutrinos pass through the water molecule, there is a tiny flash of light. This light is so weak that its detection need a tank that can hold a 50,000 tons of purified water, and laid countless photomultiplier tubes.

And it is - not the only problem. Since the researchers are trying to fix a vanishingly small effect, they do not need the interference of cosmic rays and the like. To eliminate interference, the tank placed half a kilometer below the surface.

While these measures did not protect him from himself: in 2001, due to the enormous water pressure blew up one of the photomultipliers, start a chain reaction that has wasted a lot of money to scientists.

Soon Super-Kamiokande repaired, and although it confirmed the existence of the neutrino facility back in 1998, it is still used today to study the history and evolution of the universe.

2. The Dubai Mall: the stereotypical worst nightmare dads from the 80 godovV few steps from the highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa is the world's largest shopping center - the Dubai Mall. There is everything that should be in the mall. Shopping? Well, not 1,200 stores it is not quite the mall, right?

Fast? Of course. Food at the center will be enough to feed a small country. There is also a five-star hotel, which, in turn, is a spa and five restaurants.

And yet there is an aquarium, so big that its acrylic viewing panel hit the Guinness Book of Records as the largest viewing panel in the world. And yet the show of fountains, which can be seen from a distance of 20 kilometers. And yet the amusement park and a full-size Olympic ice hockey rink. The center has even its own "dinosaur-resident" - the skeleton of Diplodocus, whose age is 155 million years old.

The total area of ​​Dubai Mall - more than one million square meters, is the area of ​​the two Vatican. Finally, the crazy "cherry": the owners have plans to expand the center, because it turns out, still not big enough!

3. "Room farm" Shigerharu Shimamury: conventional farms near nechegoPredstavte do you stand in the middle of Japan in 2011 and look at the devastating impact of the tsunami. What would you do? Probably scared to. And here at Shigeharu Shimamury seem immune to such fears. Instead of lamenting over the destruction he found what looked like after the Tsunami factory for the production of semiconductors, and said to himself: "Yes, I can use it to solve the problem of world hunger».

So his company Mirai Industry Co., Ltd has made the biggest factory in the world's largest indoor farm, and if you believe the numbers, things are going very well, "bedroom farm" 100 times more productive than usual, it requires 40% less electricity and 99% less water. The farm has a pink LED lights that deceive plants, disrupting their day and night cycles, resulting in a significant increase in the rate of photosynthesis. 17,500 of these high-tech lamps illuminate an area of ​​2,300 square meters. Similar farms have been built by Mirai Industry Co., Ltd in Mongolia, it is also planned the construction of farms in Russia and Hong Kong.

4. Cistern: huge underground lair in videoigreEsli this underground reservoir reminds you of one of the levels of a video game, the way it is: you can see it in the game Assassin's Creed: Revelations, in the movie "From Russia with Love", "International" as well as in the novel by Dan Brown's "Inferno." It is not hard to guess why.

The building was built in 532 AD to store water of the Grand Palace in Istanbul (which in those days was still Constantinople). And then forgot about it - you know, this sometimes happens with huge underground palace, capable of storing millions of tons of water. In 1545 the Frenchman Peter Gillius rediscovered this building, after seeing how the locals collect water, dipping buckets directly into the hole in the floor of his basement. Sometimes these buckets appeared carp.

Fish there and now it floats freely among hundreds of giant stone columns. And speaking of the columns, it is worth noting that two of them are decorated with a complex of Roman carvings in the form of the head of Medusa. One head "lies" on the side, and the second - inverted upside down, it is possible to prevent the jellyfish look hapless visitors turn to stone.

5. Shah Cherah: most incredible mosque in Shah Cherah mireIznutri (or "King of the World"), which Iran is not like a mosque. This building looks more like a fortress of solitude. The interior walls are lined with a mosaic of mirrors and colored glass, which forms a complex silver-green pattern, creating the visitors the feeling that they were in the Emerald City.

Mosque - an example of traditional Persian mosaic art, but really important pilgrimage Shah Cherah began in the 14th century, when the Queen named Tashi Khatun decided to upgrade this place, and make it truly worthy of its dazzling title.

6. Y-40 and Nemo-33: Rethinking the film "Depth" Hotel Terme Millepini is the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world. Its depth is 40 meters, which corresponds to the height of 12-storey building. The pool contains more than 4000 cubic meters of thermal water whose temperature is maintained at 32 ° C, so that divers can play plenty Aquaman, the more that suits for this purpose they are needed. Sometimes the pool is simply called Y-40, and sometimes - «Deep Joy».

The pool has underwater caves and inspection panel for those who can not swim, but it is used for diving in leisure time, for diving and for underwater filming.

And in the second place - the Belgian Nemo-33. From the title it is clear that the depth of the pool is 33 meters and it contains 2, 5 million liters of pure filtered water. This pool also has several underwater caves, and still there are special bells for diving, which enable teachers to talk with students, not rising to the surface. Pool kinosёmok used for military training, to train astronauts, and can serve as an underwater research laboratory.

7. Resort "Tropical Island": all the pleasures of the tropics without the annoying sun dawns the early 2000s, German businessman Karl von gablenz which obviously was a big fan of steampunk, was determined to begin manufacture of airships.

His company acquired a huge hangar, located south of Berlin. However, in 2002 due to financial problems the company was forced to sell it. Then it turned out that the building is actually purchased in order to recreate it in the tropics. Right indoors, in the middle of Europe.

Now "Tropical Island" - is "the biggest tropical festive peace in Europe." So how much material can fit construction, created to give refuge huge flying whale? Well, in a hangar can put the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower or the Potsdamer Platz, but instead in the hangar have internal beaches, lagoons, rainforest, a mini-golf course and a huge screen that simulates sunrise and sunsets. The resort even has its own leitmotif, though, takes it not David Hasselhoff.

On the Boulevard shopping (yes, there is a boulevard shopping), a hairdresser, a solarium (the fact that you are indoors, does not mean that you lose the opportunity to earn his melanoma), a tattoo parlor and the biggest spa in Europe. A "tropical sea" the size of three Olympic swimming pools recently hosted the championship in Germany in swimming at the baths. The existence of this discipline, many had not even suspected, but now desperately trying to see it. There you can even take a flight in a balloon. And all this - in a closed room.

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