10 useless applications For Iphone (10 photos)

Recently, employees NPD Group said that smartphone owners primarily use their powerful handheld devices to run a variety of games. As if to confirm this assertion, the staff portal Dvice compiled a list of the ten most useless applications for Apple iPhone, which can be purchased for less than $ 1. The chart includes:

1. Virtual Zippo Lighter - Free Virtual Lighter, which we wrote about earlier.

2. Koi Pond - pond with Chinese carp.

3. Ocarina - Flute simulation.

4. PhotoFrame - as you might guess, turns the iPhone into a photo frame.

5. iBeer - ¬ęKing most useless applications" - a virtual beer, which "overflows" when you tilt your device.

6. BubbleWrap - klatsat virtual bubbles at a time.

7. Sonic Lighter - another virtual lighter, which also shows the location of all other owners of this application.

8. Nixie TubeClock - little old lamp hours in Fallout.

9. Newton's Cradle - a virtual alternative to knocking balls standing in the office of the chief.

10. Spectrograph Wallpaper - shout to your phone and get the spectrum analyzer.



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