An abandoned police station

This town called Highland Park (Highland Park). It is located in Michigan and is adjacent to Detroit.
In 1909, the city opened the factory Ford. Beginning this year, the city flooded with black Americans who could find a pretty good job at the factory, with no education. The city's population grew to 50 thousand people. But in the 50s Ford decided to close the plant, many were out of work, the crime rate began to grow exponentially. From that moment began the outflow of the white population of the city. Last year, the city's population had less than 15 thousand people, most of whom were unemployed. I will not say that crime in the city rolls. It is because of this years earlier and closed the police station - the work was too dangerous, wishing there was very little, and the city also turned out to be bankrupt. Now the city is engaged in the state police, and the police station and stood as a symbol of the consequences of weak government regulation and uncontrolled migration within the country.
As you will see in the photos, the police simply disappeared, leaving the entire archive and even some weapons.



4re, Log

5t, I understand they have the courtroom immediately at the site. good

6t, pictures

7m facade


9t. "Obezyannik")))) and that way

10t, not dismantled, kakieto special equipment

11, it is kind of like a parking

12 padazrevayu that legislation. VI.Lenina remembered creations in our libraries

13. That is about Chom mentioned at the beginning, the cops really prognale

14. Department of Public Order IMHO (I nouspikinglish)

15. Again the hall of justice. apparently. Necho as toilet seats

16, non-lethal weapons again, the crowd probably razganyat

17 - probably about parking again schotchiki

18. Here I've been thinking, talking nicho nebudu

19. Just kabineteg

20. A little view of the city. If not acid Zsolt building on the right, sure it would be possible to say that UTB regional center of the former Soviet Union left the hostel so finally we are there))))

21. But the police prognale really think that kanechno rivalver spoiled fuck but still vso

22. Last strĐĹmnaya



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