Abandoned and forgotten (70 photos)

Abandoned and forgotten. A man perfectly performs the function generator debris. Interesting photos of different objects, the creation of man, and then abandoned to their fate.

Huge dump aircraft

Statue of hand in the desert Atacama

Giant ship graveyard

Abandoned Memorial in Bulgaria

Another airplane graveyard. At this time the older

Abandoned transmitter near Pripyat

And even a whole city - Pripyat

Atoll got a black mark - there is the United States produced nuclear bomb tests

But someone threw out the anchor (Portugal)

In Ukraine, a monument of the plane and forget about it

Cemetery military equipment

Cemetery machines in Switzerland

Abandoned American protivoballistichesky complex (Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard complex)

Abandoned settlement in Australia

Much is known about the art dump Chernobyl

Concert Hall in the US

Soviet tank cemetery in Kabul (Afghanistan)

Soviet aircraft experemental

Cemetery submarines

Amusement park in Japan

Abandoned house in Taiwan



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