Coin happiness

The Bank of Latvia has issued into circulation silver commemorative "coins of happiness" in denominations of 1 lats (1, $ 8. The coins depict a cat and a chimney sweep on the roof. The circulation of the issue will be 5 thousand pieces. The cost of the coin at the box office of the Bank of Latvia will be 22, 5 lats.


happy tradition of coins originated in China

They are made from a variety of metals (gold, silver, bronze, copper)

Silver and bronze coins

gold coin

Then they produced different countries

and peoples


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HZ lope, I have a photo of 30,000 coins as found for this topic I do not know.

Chinese coins - a round coin with a square hole in the center and hieroglyphs. Coins are used in feng shui everywhere. Very effective to link the three red coins tesemochkoy yang side (characters) and put up in the sector of wealth, and place them in areas that are related to finances. Many successful businessmen do not hide that they use Chinese coins to increase money luck by placing them under the front door mat. A good feng shui for a country house under construction will be Chinese coins, buried under the path leading to the house.

Korean coin of happiness

Who coins of happiness often placed luck wishes, proverbs and sayings on the subject and consider their mascots.

Also, they placed different symbols of wealth and luck

But the ancient traditions of the peoples were lucky coins. They are depicted grating happiness




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