Events 2011 in Lego-interpretation

Under the auspices of the British newspaper The Guardian Flickr users have created scenes from Lego blocks, showing the important events that have occurred in the past year. From a royal wedding to the death of Osama bin Laden, to the summer riots in the British capital until the fall of the Gaddafi regime - this and more you will see in this issue.

1 December - Christmas 2011: Christmas tree made of Lego blocks set in London © digibron

2. July - Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng has saved her husband from assassination by a cream cake at the hearing of the government commission © Jim Walshe

3 April - The long-awaited wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in Westminster Abbey © allyhook

4. October - protest camp participants of "Occupy Wall Street", sparked a wave of similar protests worldwide © Clint

5. March - American actor Charlie Sheen has been discharged from the shooting in the series Two and a Half Men (Two and a Half Men) after he refused to undergo rehabilitation © qantrell

6 November - On the calendar - a significant date 11/11/11 © Southcoasting

7. May - President Barack Obama and his colleagues watch the operation to destroy Osama bin Laden online © Profound Whatever

8 June - Barack Obama and Angela Merkel during the official meeting © purpleplanetcom

9 November - Police used tear gas against activists of the movement "Occupy Wall Street" in California © nolnet

10. October - at the age of 56 years died of cancer Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple © lego27bricks

11. September - London police dispersed the action of the British far-right organization "English Defence League" in London © bobaliciouslondon

12. October - continued clashes between supporters and opponents of Gaddafi in Libya © yappen all day long

13. August - a teenage girl with a suspicious device in the neck during the day held hostage in Sydney © raised

14. August - rioters clash with police in London, Birmingham and Manchester. © Graeme_Smith

15 October 2011- Team New Zealand wins the French team in the final of the Rugby World Cup © discret_incognito78

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