Natural products

Here in America published book

«Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes»
("Natural collection - Collection of recipes based on sperm»)
(hereinafter - my translation is almost verbatim, as they say, in statu nascendi)

Very important culinary and in anticipation of the holidays. )))

"Semen is not only nutritious, it also has a wonderful texture and excellent culinary properties. Like a good wine or cheese, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Besides sperm inexpensive to manufacture and is available in many if not most homes and restaurants. However, despite all these positive qualities, semen is still not paid attention to the quality of the food. This book hopes to change that. Once you get over the initial hesitation, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful semen to the table. Sperm - exciting ingredient that would give each of your dish an unexpected turn. If you - a passionate cook and are not afraid to try new things - you'll be delighted with this book! »

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"Almost White Russian»
 - 2 oz vodka
 - 1 ounce of coffee liqueur
 - 1/2 ounce of semen (14, 17 grams, measure accurately)
 - Milk or cream
 - Ice cubes
Pour the vodka, coffee liqueur and sperm in a glass of ice cubes, then add milk or cream brim.

M-mmmmmm! )))
Look again at the picture ...



"Homemade oysters»
 - Cleaned oyster shells (some unexpected twist!)
 - Fresh, chilled semen, the more the better
 - Ice
 - Lemon and pepper to taste
First of all oyster shells wash in cold water. Do not use soap, as well sinks absorb its unpleasant taste. Put a spoonful of fresh chilled semen into each shell. Serve on ice, just squeezing a lemon on top and perhaps sprinkled a pinch of pepper.
Tip cook: this fantastic sperm may wish to give up the lemon and pepper to preserve unspoiled taste of semen.

M-mmmmmmm! Especially without the lemon and pepper - unspoiled taste of oysters!

It - oysters. As you can see from the picture, criminally tainted lemon.
(In the picture the real thing, but the effect is there, yes?)

Interestingly, while Olivier is there? And the new year on the nose.

What exactly is characterized by - a man. I mean, with the penis. Although precise data is not available, yes.

The word author:
"My name is Paul Fotenhauer. My friends call me Foti, you can also call me that.
I like to try different dishes and cook them - especially when I add in a little dish of sperm. No, it's not a joke, and no, I'm not some freak concerned. Just I'm passionate for everything that I do, including when preparing meals with Kancho *).
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the book and blog. If you have something to say, I'll be glad to hear, leave a comment or two.
Foti. »
(the same link.)

*) The author used the slang «cum» («Kancha" - our nearest equivalent) that is saying to us that he really just thick trolls cool postmodern actor (born. «Artist»).

What is more interesting, in addition to the "Writers-motherfuckers" (ibid.) Is part of the group "United Vegetarians" that can not deliver.
I have a sister like that. Now with some musician lives. Scary to think that it is added to food to improve the nutritional value. Vegetarians - they are connoisseurs. And that is sure to krovavenkoy streaked for sharpness and so on the table looked.

In short, here's a new way to swallow, girls and boys. No, not that it is so is not known. (I do not think the truth is that all my buddylist - domohozyayushki or pidarochki, beginning with Utrechko minetik. They have a course for a long time know well and dick with them, and the rest of the note.) It's not that I was quite concerned about it. Moreover, all these 120 days of Sodom we read and describe both gourmets ate shit from the outlet remember.
Cares more: I look at your whole this rough postmodern, that is, as that the day before yesterday was absolutely disgusting, and yesterday only in science fiction books, it is now served on a platter fresh and steaming, and right under his nose, and I think - what must be terrific fun we will have a future.



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