I bought a house painter in a small Spanish town of Figueres.

I bought a house painter in a small Spanish town of Figueres. And equipped to suit your taste and imagination, he lived there, died there, and was buried there. Now it is a museum-theater of Salvador Dali.
The fact that the brain hits the ordinary person, when you visit this place, it is impossible to describe in words, and using photos to convey difficult. This is a must see!
And yet, here are some photos taken at the Museum-theater of Salvador Dali. Maybe someone will want to visit this place. I assure you - you will not regret!
What people thought imagined, creating it? Critics, of course, trying to explain something, but hardly anyone now in all this will understand.
In general, look. If anyone is interested, I will explain how to get.

Here, the house itself from the outside.

And this is in the yard.

The room - a female portrait. It looks like when you come into it.

And when you climb on the ladder and a special look through a large lens.

So painted ceiling in one of the halls.

What is it? FIG will understand, but nice.

What should dream when you sleep in a bedroom?

I guess that's the type of the ...

... Or this ...

... Or is this ...

Here's a bird carve interesting is that smoking is necessary?

Or ... What is it? How do you know? A crocodile cute!

And it's just photos, hardly a hundredth part of what there is to see. The overall impression that you get at some other world. Weird, but its beautiful.

Photos still there. If interested, I might add!

Yes, that chipmunks more I liked it!



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