The second life of the music center

Author: It was in my kitchen a good old Sony 1996 and the birth of the samurai origin. Technical achievements of that time has stopped in the CD deck. Over time, it becomes irrelevant tapes, CD drive stopped reading discs and radio advertising has become more and govnodiktorov. This Sonya takes pride of place among the veteran all audio / video equipment at home and just throw away - to spoil the karma.

Buy easiest FM modulator. Like Digma: more screen size - less suitable, besides the presence of the remote control and USB input was the main condition.

Parse carefully: flies separately, cutlets separately. All plastic in the trash at the hands of the two boards. Himself modulator and power supply from 12 to 5 volts.

Parse Sonya, take up the multimeter and treasured, and begin to look for 12 or 5 volts. 12 volts was found earlier, therefore, employ the PSU. Payaem, connect, check: the screen lights up.

The best place for the installation of the board of the modulator than cassette deck was not. Here without a file has not been. For convenience, we lengthen the USB input for the subsequent removal of the rear panel.


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